Day Trip to Interlaken

When life gets you down… go to the mountains. That is my new mantra. There is nothing more relaxing than an escape to nature to clear your mind. Plus, how can you visit Switzerland without taking a trip to the Alps?

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Day Trip to Bern

After a busy week, the weekend could not come soon enough! Today we went to the lovely city of Bern, Switzerland’s capital. Did you know that the city is a UNESCO world heritage site?!

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How to Spend a Morning at Château de Chillon

One of the best things about Switzerland is the ability to travel so conveniently by train. Not only are the train rides incredibly scenic, but also they transport you to what can seem like a whole other world. A quick train ride from Geneva takes you to Lausanne, from where you hop on a boat and voilà, you’re at Chillon.

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