Coats for Surviving a New England Winter

It looks like winter has finally hit Boston! We had a snowstorm a few days ago and are expected to get even more snow this coming week. I don’t know about you, but I have a love-hate relationship with winter — I eagerly wait for the first “real” snow, get way too excited, and then almost immediately dread going outside for the rest of winter because it’s just SO COLD.

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Exploring Downtown Boston and Beacon Hill

Oh Beantown, how I’ve missed you! It’s beginning to hit me that this is my last semester in Boston… before I know it it’ll be graduation and then I’m moving to NYC! I feel like these past few years have flown by, yet I barely know Boston at all. Well, that sure is about to change. I have a HUGE Boston bucket list full of places to go written down in my journal, and I can’t wait to check off all the boxes (or at least attempt to).

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10 Favorite Places to Eat in Boston

It’s the weekend, and I’ve got food on my mind! Things have been crazy busy and senior year has only just started. In times like these I have to remind myself that sometimes it’s important to just forget about everything and take a little “me time.”  Continue reading “10 Favorite Places to Eat in Boston”