Bucket List

Fun Sized Cupcakes Blog

Bucket List

☑ Start a blog

☑ Learn how to cook

☐ Learn all 6 official languages of the UN

☐ Arabic

☑ Chinese

☑ English

☑ French

☐ Russian

☑ Spanish

☑ Study abroad

☐ Hug a baby panda

☑ Perform in a ballet recital

☑ Perform in Carnegie Hall

☐ See a Broadway show

☑ See NYC from the top of the Empire State Building

☑ Cheer on runners at the Boston Marathon

☐ Learn how to play the harp

☑ Go on a California coast road trip

☑ See fireworks in Disney World

☐ Swim with dolphins

☐ Go canoeing at Lake Louise, Banff National Park

☑ Discover Switzerland by train

☐ Explore Copenhagen by bike

☐ See the Northern Lights

☐ Visit Churchill, Manitoba — the polar bear capital of the world

☑ Be a tourist in London

☑ See Niagara Falls from the Canada side

☑ See Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower

☑ Eat too much pizza and gelato in Rome

☐ Go on an African safari

☑ Climb the Great Wall of China

☐ Cuddle with a koala in Australia

☑ Run into the Pope in Vatican City

☑ Eat tapas in Barcelona

☐ See a Santorini sunset

☐ Attend a cherry blossom festival in Japan

☑ Take in the city lights and night life in Hong Kong

☐ Climb the Inca trail to Machu Picchu

☐ Be outdoorsy in Patagonia

☐ Ride an elephant in Thailand

☐ Stay in a bungalow

☐ Go to the Olympics

☐ Visit Lake Bled in Slovenia

☐ Explore the wonders of Cinque Terre or the Amalfi Coast

☐ Go zorbing in New Zealand

☐ Ride a hot air balloon

☑ Ride a gondola in Venice

☐ Explore the canals of Amsterdam

☐ Attend a floating lantern festival

☐ Watch movies under a blanket fort

☐ Have a picnic in Central Park

☑ Frolic through a field of flowers

☐ Go horseback riding on the beach

☐ Watch baby turtles hatch


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