Nautical Vibes in Newport

I’m an ocean girl. You probably can’t guess it since I’m such a New Yorker and love city life, but I’m happiest when I’m by the water. There’s something special about the ocean breeze, crashing waves, and slight smell of seaweed that brings a smile to my face.

Over Labor Day weekend we decided to take a spontaneous trip up to Newport, Rhode Island. With just an afternoon to explore the city, we took a relaxing stroll down the famous Cliff Walk. We were greeted by the beautiful blue sky that quickly turned gray, but not even that could dampen my mood. Clearly, this girl hasn’t been to the ocean in way too long.

Newport, Rhode Island

While we didn’t have enough time to go on a mansion tour, we were able to see most of them from afar. Starting from Forty Steps, we made our way along the coast.

Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island

With fall just around the corner, we were able to catch the last glimpse of summer wildflowers.

Newport, Rhode Island

This city by the ocean gave me some serious nautical vibes, so I thought it would only be fitting to bring out the stripes! I’m loving the bell sleeves on this Zara top. The best part about it is that the material is so flowy, which feels amazing against the ocean breeze! Everything else I’m wearing has been on repeat all summer. Seriously, if you don’t own a pair of stretchy high-waisted white jeans (they feel like leggings and go with everything!), these Steve Madden mules, and a pair of handy sunglasses, it’s time to get some! 😉 They’ll become staples in your wardrobe.

zara top - zara jeans - steve madden mules - ray ban sunglasses
Zara top • Zara jeans • Steve Madden mules • Ray Ban sunglasses

Now that the weather is slightly getting cooler, who’s excited for sweater weather?!



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