NYC Apartment Tour

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of living NYC. I’m such an uptown girl so I never imagined myself living in Lower Manhattan! However, I’m slowly learning to appreciate all that downtown has to offer. I lucked out with an amazing apartment and a great neighborhood, and I can’t wait to explore more of the Big Apple over the next year or so.

financial district manhattan nyc

Today I’m taking you on a little tour inside my apartment. I live in Battery Park City, which I had never even heard of until I moved here. To my surprise, I actually really like it. It’s clean, quiet, and surrounded by so much nature! Seriously, there are trees everywhere and I’m right by the water. It definitely doesn’t feel like I’m living in a concrete jungle!

oculus world trade center nyc

The views are pretty great too. I can see the Statue of Liberty by the waterfront, and the World Trade Center is just a few blocks away. Not to mention, I’m within walking distance to a Sprinkles Cupcakes… this could be very dangerous for my wallet and bank account!

brookfield place nyc

Now, let’s go inside! First up is our kitchen. I love the marble countertops because they’re so ~Instaworthy~ haha! It’s a pretty standard kitchen with an oven, microwave, and refrigerator.

nyc apartment tour

nyc apartment tour

Next up is the bathroom. How cool are these lights? And yes, I know I should’ve put the toilet seat lid down before taking the photo. 😉

nyc apartment tour

We also have a little sitting area with a comfy couch. This is kind of like our “living room,” since technically our living room got converted to a second bedroom.

nyc apartment tour

And finally, my room! I feel so grateful that our landlord completely furnished the apartment. It makes our lives so much easier! I’ve grown up sleeping in twin size beds so imagine my surprise and excitement when I found out I had a queen sized bed!

nyc apartment tour

I also have a night stand, a bureau, and a shelf, which give me plenty of storage space. The room is a bit empty since I just moved in, but I’m excited to decorate it and make it feel a bit more homey. I still have to buy a desk, so IKEA, here I come…

nyc apartment tour

And last but not least, my closet! I mean, look at this thing… so spacious! I’m a lucky girl.

nyc apartment tour

One thing I’ve learned from all of this is that you can never rule anything out. There are so many stereotypes about apartment horror stories in NYC that I thought I’d be living in a shoebox in a terrible neighborhood. Turns out, I completely lucked out and I could not be more thankful. Even though I never thought I’d live in this neighborhood, I’m learning to love it one day at a time.

world trade center nyc

For anyone who is going through the apartment hunting process or is thinking about moving to NYC, know that it can be very stressful but everything will work out in the end. Welcome to New York!



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