Day Trip to the Catskills

This Fourth of July weekend I decided to go on a couple of day trips around the NYC area. Despite having lived here almost all my life, there is so much I have yet to see! Our first day of explorations took us to the beautiful Catskill Mountains, home to Kaaterskill Falls, the tallest waterfall in New York State. What a crazy adventure it was!

When we first got to the trail head, I mistakenly thought that the Bastion Falls at the base were the Kaaterskill Falls. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Not that the falls weren’t beautiful – they were! – it’s just that we did NOT drive all that way just to see a waterfall and not get to hike, ha!

Kaaterskill Falls, Catskills NY
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After a bunch of mishaps and a steep but short climb up, we finally reached the bottom of the Kaaterskill Falls. It was the most beautiful day out and there were so many people swimming, I wish I had brought my bathing suit!

Kaaterskill Falls, Catskills NY

Kaaterskill Falls, Catskills NY

Kaaterskill Falls, Catskills NY
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We wanted to get a better view so we climbed up even higher to the upper falls. While the view from above was gorgeous, just our luck, it started to POUR right when we reached the top!


We spent our entire hike down drenched in rain, hoping not to trip and fall. Right when we got to the bottom, it stopped raining. Um… okay, Mother Nature. But at least we were rewarded with this view of Kaaterskill Clove!

Kaaterskill Clove, Catskills NY

Just a short drive from NYC, Kaaterskill Falls is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. And while you’re in the Catskills, there is so much more you can do if you choose to stay longer! I definitely plan on coming back again, perhaps in the fall when the foliage is out. There’s so much beauty in New York!



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