Day Trip to Block Island

Over the weekend a few friends and I decided to take a spontaneous trip up to Block Island, and it was so much fun! I haven’t been to an island in years and it was the perfect day for some rest and relaxation.

Block Island is pretty easy to get to – from Boston, it’s a short one and a half hour drive to Point Judith, RI where you can take a ferry to the island. There are two options for the ferry: a high-speed one that takes 30 minutes, and a traditional one which is 55 minutes. We chose the traditional one so we could enjoy the views for longer!

block island atlantic ocean

block island ferry
I have a thing for ferry boats ❤ Name that show!

We had a few hours to explore before getting lunch, and stumbled upon an animal farm. This place has some of the rarest animals I’ve ever seen. Emus, llamas, camels, yaks, lemurs, kangaroos… you name it. It even had a mix between a zebra and a donkey! My favorite was this little guy…

block island 1661 manisses animal farm

block island town

For lunch, we went to Persephone’s. It’s the cutest little cafe in the downtown district and the food was so good!

block island downtown historical district

I got a kale and bacon quiche (!!!) and banana bread. I never thought to put kale and bacon together in a quiche, and it is genius! I’m obsessed with kale and turkey bacon, so I need to try making this on my own some time.

persephone's block island

After a rejuvenating lunch, we headed over to the ocean for some fun in the sun! While it was too cold to go into the water, resting on the rocks was just as relaxing.

block island beach staircase

block island inn beach

block island beach outfit
Kate Spade backpack (similar here)

This blush Kate Spade backpack has been my go-to in the spring and summer. I swear, it’s like Hermione’s handbag with the undetectable extension charm – it fits EVERYTHING! The color and tassels are also so cute, and it’s so lightweight. I got it from the outlet on super sale and with an additional student discount. For all my college gals out there, did you know that Kate Spade has a 15% student discount? Definitely take advantage of it while you can!

After our little rest, we rented bikes to explore the rest of the island. From downtown we made our way to the North Lighthouse, by the Block Island National Wildlife Reserve. Believe me when I say that these roads are HILLY! It was such a workout, but since this route was along the water, it was so breezy and refreshing.

block island

block island national wildlife reserve

block island north lighthouse

The walk to the lighthouse had SO many sea gulls and I was trying my best not to freak out. If they were pigeons though, I would’ve RAN for the life of me! These sea gulls were very well behaved and basically just stayed in place, ha! 😉

block island north lighthouse
Channeling my inner Moana 🙂

This Rebecca Taylor top is perfect for bike rides or strolls along the beach – it’s flowy and feels amazing against the wind! I got it off the clearance rack at TJ Maxx (literally how I get all my clothes) and it’s such a lovely twist on the traditional white tee. The rhinestones on the sleeves and cutout in the back are such cute details.

The entire bike ride ended up being around 10 miles, so we treated ourselves to ice cream before we hopped on the ferry back. While I’m usually a vanilla kinda girl, I ordered a chocolate ice cream for the first time! I always love trying interesting flavors from local places because you never know what they come up with. I had a dark chocolate sea salt gelato, which was SO good.

block island bikes

Block Island is quintessential New England and is such a fun place to spend a day with friends. I can’t think of a more perfect way to end this chapter of my life in Boston. Island life is so different from what I’m used to and is a wonderful change of scenery. I know I’m going to miss this idyllic lifestyle when I move to NYC! I never knew this about myself, but I’ve discovered that I’m happiest when near water. Luckily, I just found an apartment in Manhattan that’s right next to the river! I can’t wait for what comes next.



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