Coats for Surviving a New England Winter

It looks like winter has finally hit Boston! We had a snowstorm a few days ago and are expected to get even more snow this coming week. I don’t know about you, but I have a love-hate relationship with winter — I eagerly wait for the first “real” snow, get way too excited, and then almost immediately dread going outside for the rest of winter because it’s just SO COLD.

Having lived in the Northeast all my life, I’ve had my fair share of blizzards, snow days, and negative temperatures. As you can imagine, winter in New England can be absolutely brutal, so today I’m sharing my must-have coats for surviving this season.

Packable down coat: Light, warm, and not too puffy, this coat is perfect for those days when you’re out and about. Because it’s so thin, it feels like you’re not wearing anything, but you still feel super warm!

Michael Kors coat (similar here) • CC Beanie

Wool coat: Sometimes you want to look a little nicer, and a puffy coat just won’t cut it. I’m obsessed with wool coats because when you’re wearing so many layers, sometimes your coat is your only fashion statement. While you certainly can’t go wrong with neutrals, I’m currently coveting a more colorful coat. I especially love the pastel ones!

Banana Republic coat (similar here) • Kate Spade sweater • Primark hat (similar here)

Parka: Although a bit on the bulky side for my taste, I don’t know how I’d survive blizzards without this coat. It is my absolute go-to during snowstorms — not only does it keep out the wind and snow, but also it is the warmest thing ever.

The North Face parka • Banana Republic top (similar here)

And there you have it! Stay warm, drink lots of hot chocolate, and go out and brave the cold. 🙂



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