10 College Dorm Room Must-Haves

Just a few more days until August, which means it’s almost move-in day! Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a rising senior like me, having a personalized dorm room definitely helps make college feel more like a home away from home.

Besides the essentials, here are some of my favorite items that are staples in my dorm room:

  1. Twinkle lights – Twinkle lights make everything happier! Not only do they light up the room, but also they are a cute and easy way to fill up empty walls.
  2. Snack stash – Perfect for those late-night study sessions or when you’re too lazy to leave your room. We all have those days. 😉
  3. Mug – probably the most simple yet versatile thing in my room. Use it to make coffee or tea, or even simple recipes like cookie in a mug or poached eggs.
  4. Utensils – perfect to have as backup for those late-night meals or sharing food with friends.
  5. Fuzzy slippers – because who doesn’t love fuzzy slippers? Having a comfortable pair of shoes to change into after a long day makes a world of difference.
  6. Comfy pillow – For me, it’s my massage pillow. Hands down the best purchase I’ve ever made. My friends all fight to use it!
  7. Laundry hamper – Rather than throwing your clothes on your floor or bed at the end of a long day, just toss them into the hamper! That way, come laundry day and you’re all set. Plus if you buy a cute one, it even doubles as decoration. Check out TJ Maxx – they have some really cute, cheap, and high-quality ones!
  8. Mattress topper – Dorm mattresses are not known for being comfy, so a good mattress topper can go a long way. My favorite is the memory foam kind, it’s like sleeping on a cloud!
  9. Your favorite stuffed animal – Whether it’s your childhood stuffed animal or a cozy blanket, having a piece of home with you always makes things better.
  10. Photos/posters – Pictures of family, friends, memories… whatever they may be, these are another great way to fill up wall space. Frame them or hang them along a ribbon with clothespins for effortless and decor.

college dorm room essentials

There you go lovelies! What are YOUR favorite decor items? Let me know below!



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