Black & White with Splashes of Color

I’m so glad the snow has melted and the sun is finally out. Now that it’s warming up and flowers are blooming, it’s beginning to look a lot like spring here in Boston!

boston spring

While my normal spring wardrobe is full of pastels and patterns, recently I’ve been obsessed with all things black and white. I just love the way they contrast against the beautiful and colorful spring flowers. Although it’s not quite warm enough for me to be in shorts and flowy dresses just yet, I can’t help but throw them into the mix! After another snowstorm just two weeks ago, it seems like tights are my go-to for this weird limbo weather.

Shirt: Zara • Shorts: Loft • Shoes: Bershka • Sunglasses: Ann Taylor
Shirt: Zara • Shorts: Loft • Shoes: Bershka • Sunglasses: Loft
PC: Elle

I’ve been told to not wear white shorts or pants because they can be tricky to pull off, but sometimes you find the perfect pair and you just have to get it. I LOVE these floral scallop lace shorts from Loft. They’re cute and feminine but not over the top. There’s a similar pair selling on Loft right now for $60 (plus an extra 30% off!) but I got mine in January on clearance for only $4!!! Talk about a steal. I guess I just got super lucky. 🙂

Yesterday was the Boston Marathon and the weather was absolutely perfect–well… for the spectators at least. My school is exactly the halfway point and it’s a huge tradition for us to cheer on the runners, so much so that we’re nicknamed the Scream Tunnel!

Although it’s probably the craziest time of the semester with classes ending in a few weeks and finals looming around the corner, there was no way I could not go outside, even if just for a little bit. How gorgeous are these daffodils?! Plus, look at that natural sun flare. It’s ON POINT! If that doesn’t call for a photo, I don’t know what does. 😉

zara striped off shoulder dress
Dress: Zara
PC: Somé

I got this black and white striped dress from Zara last summer in NYC but never had the chance to wear it. Luckily the off-the-shoulder trend is back this spring, so I just had to pull this dress out!

Here’s to hoping that the weather stays sunny and flowers continue to bloom. I can’t wait for the magnolias and cherry blossoms to come out! If the temperature drops or it snows again I might crawl into bed and never come out… Ha! Just kidding.



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