Day Trip to Bern

After a busy week, the weekend could not come soon enough! Today we went to the lovely city of Bern, Switzerland’s capital. Did you know that the city is a UNESCO world heritage site?!

Our first stop of the day… the House of Parliament (Bundeshaus)! There, we saw the two chambers of the Federal Assembly, the National Council and the Council of States. Today was one of the only two open houses of the year, so we got to wander around as well.

House of Parliament Bundeshaus Bern Switzerland
Under the dome. The 22 coat of arms represent the unity of all the Swiss cantons. Now there are 26!
House of Parliament Bundeshaus Bern Switzerland
I’m totally blanking on the name of this room… All I know is that it begins with a W and the guide said it was her favorite room in the building. 🙂 If only I knew German!

As we made our way to lunch, we passed by the famous Clock Tower (Zytglogge). Apparently a postcard of the tower is the most popular souvenir!

Clock Tower Zytglogge Bern Switzerland

rosti bern switzerland
Rösti for lunch!

After an incredibly filling lunch (I think I only ate 10 bites max and I was stuffed!), we definitely needed to walk it off, so we headed over to the popular BärenPark, home to four bears who roam freely around the area. Not only were the bears adorable, but also we had the perfect view of the gorgeous Bern skyline. It was raining a bit earlier and we were lucky that it started clearing up a bit towards the end.



Every time I go somewhere new, I like it better than Geneva… maybe I am getting accustomed to the city, or maybe there is just so much more to see!? I wonder where I’ll go next… 😉 Hint, somewhere warm!!



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