Exploring Lausanne and Mont Salève

It’s the weekend… which means time to go exploring!! Seriously though, how can you be in Europe and not want to go on adventures all the time? Everything is so beautiful here and there’s so much to do.

Having been in Geneva for a week now, a bunch of friends and I decided to hop on a train and head to Lausanne on Saturday! It was a quick 40 minute ride that passed through the countryside. Upon arriving in Lausanne, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there is a metro system! The trams and buses in Geneva are nice, but being from New York, sometimes I do miss the convenience of the subway. We made our way to Ouchy, where we had a beautiful view of Lac Léman. I see it every day here in Geneva, but it was nice to see it from Lausanne’s perspective. Am I allowed to say that the grass is greener on the other side? 😉



Next, we decided to explore the Olympic Museum. Fun fact: it was my childhood dream to become an Olympic gymnast! The museum was incredibly interesting and perfectly curated, poignant yet inspiring.

olympic museum lausanne switzerland
Team USA leotard from the 1996 Olympics, where USA won its first team gold! AND IT’S SIGNED BY THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN!!! DREAM. COME. TRUE.

Lastly, we made our way to the Lausanne Cathedral before calling it a day. To get there, we had to climb up a million stairs and I was absolutely exhausted, but it was worth it. It’s so beautiful, and we even got to see (…crash?) a wedding!!

lausanne cathedral switzerland

Since the weather was so nice this weekend, on Sunday we decided to visit Mont Salève. We took the cable car up and saw a breathtaking view of Geneva.

mont saleve

Next weekend I’m going on an overnight trip to Burgundy, France and I CAN’T WAIT. Trust me, you’ll hear all about it. 😉



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